This site is an open source, volunteer project to make it easier to access the results of Chicago elections.

Data issues

There are some inconsistencies in the data, including precincts where the turnout is reported as greater than 100%, as well as some precincts where data is missing. In general, if there are only a few precincts like this the election is still included here.

Several elections were missing too many precinct matches to be usable, so those are not made available here.

Notice something else? Feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Data access

To make accessing data easier, you can use the custom download tool to generate custom exports of spreadsheets or map files for any election you're interested in.

Elections results for elections going back to 2000 are available from the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners website.

Election results for some earlier historic elections (some of which are not displayed here) are available from the Chicago Elections Project.

Most precinct boundaries can be accessed through DataMade's open source project: datamade/chicago-municipal-elections

Embed the map

Want to use this on your site? You can embed a responsive iframe with pym.js.

All you need to do is set up the view that you want on the map page, copy the full URL (including all of the parts after ? and #), and add embed/ after chicagoelectionsarchive.org/.

As an example, https://chicagoelectionsarchive.org/?election=251 would be become https://chicagoelectionsarchive.org/embed/?election=251.

Then, take that URL and copy it into your CMS or site's code in quotes after data-pym-src like this:

<div data-pym-title="Title of your embed" data-pym-src="https://chicagoelectionsarchive.org/...">Loading...</div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://pym.nprapps.org/pym.v1.min.js"></script>

Open source

This project is open source under the MIT license and the source code is available on GitHub: pjsier/chicago-elections-archive


Other questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out at [email protected]